Henri Snel is visiting critic at the master studio: ‘Towards an inclusive living environment’ at the TU Delft, department of architecture & dwelling (2018)

by alzheimerarchitecture
A Second Youth – towards an inclusive living environment’ focuses on the topic of the living environment for the elderly by rethinking the ‘old style’ nursing home and transform it to a radically new mixed living environment. The nursing homes, built in the 1960s, do not respond to the desires of the elderly of today, who want to be self-supportive as long as possible and not excluded from society. Consequently, a huge amount of elderly homes ‘old style’ are vacant, waiting for demolition.
However, the predicted growth in the number of elderly people with and without physical and cognitive illnesses increases the pressure on the market. Some elderly people will search for new forms of living together and sharing space and care. Others will search for a form of more generation living. Lots of them will need affordable solutions as well. We argue that demolition of the empty nursing homes ‘old style’ is not the best option, as we will need them in the near future. Therefore in this studio we will use them as a playground for the discussion and design of radically new mixed dwelling concepts. Henri Snel will guide students in this specific topic in relation to dementia and architecture.
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