New book: Hacking healthcare, Insight Series #8

by alzheimerarchitecture
Hacking Healthcare, insight series #8_henri Snel

Hacking Healthcare

This book is about our Hacking Healthcare experiment. Hacking Healthcare is an educational project designed to address some of the many challenges our healthcare system is currently facing (read the book on issuu).
For example, how can a psychiatric ward become more human, while ensuring high quality and safe care? Or how could we design our care environments in such a way that demented elderly are simulated to move more?
As today’s healthcare challenges become more complex and ultifaceted, we cannot solely rely on our default way of attacking problems anymore. We need not only specialist knowledge of healthcare professionals, but also the ability to observe, emphasize, and create. Therefore, in Hacking
Healthcare, future healthcare professionals from the University of Amsterdam and future artists and designers from the department of Inter-Architecture of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie were brought together to solve some of Amsterdam’s challenges in healthcare.

In this book you will find their problem analyses, solutions, and reflection on the process they went through. We hope that, with their stories, we give you insight into what such a process could look like and maybe even inspire you to design something you find important.

Renske Kroeze and Tim van de Grift
Henri Snel
(Inter-Architecture, Gerrit Rietveld Academie)