Essay contribution by Henri Snel for the Hedy d’Ancona award 2014 on excellent health care projects

by alzheimerarchitecture
henri snel_alzheimer en architectuur_essay hedy d'ancona award 2014

On June the 5th the first copy of the publication of the Hedy d’Ancona award 2014 was presented. Next to the jury, the publication also includes footage of all entries, nominations, shortlist and winner. In addition, six contained essays that focus on current topics as shelter vulnerable groups, self-organization in health care, the healthy city and care innovations. One of the essays was was written by Henri Snel. The publication is available from 5 June and ordered free of charge via Creative Industries Fund.

Essay bijdrage van Henri Snel aan de Hedy d’Ancona award 2014 (Dutch)

Essay contribution from Henri Snel on the Hedy d’Ancona award 2014