A tableware set for people with Alzheimer’s by Sha Yao

by alzheimerarchitecture

People with Alzheimer’s will progressively lose their independence and have to rely heavily on caregivers. Therefore, there should be a product that can help to alleviate the burdens of caregivers.

Sha Yao created a tableware set for people with Alzheimer’s. From exploring the daily activities by doing observation and talking with caregivers, she found that daily activities related their everyday life frustrates caregivers the most easily. Due to the deterioration caused by the progression, caregivers have to spend a lot of time and a lot of energy with their loved ones to assist them with dressing, brushing teeth, and using the toilet. Because of the deterioration caused the disease, caregivers have to provide care for almost every little thing their loved ones may need.

Sha Yao discovered that eating was one of the most challenging daily activities and also a very important one. Eating can be a simple task for normal people. However, the cognitive and various sensory impairments of Alzheimer’s may result a variety of eating problems.

Pdf. A tableware set