Feasibility study for the Reformed Stephanus Church in Dordrecht. Research into possible reuse of the church. In collaboration with Hofmandujardin Architects

by alzheimerarchitecture

From April 2001 until September 2001 we were working on the reorganisation of the Stephanus Church in Dordrecht. The Church was built in the 1950’s by the architect Oskam, which is characterised by an exceptional spatial quality. This church has an important effect on the neighbourhood and is also an orientation point for a lot of people. For us it was important that the character of the church has been maintained. We have searched within the question of the feasibility of the reorganisation, for a way to leave this architectural object untouched.

We show variations where it is possible to use the church for different functions without it being detrimental to the appearance of the church building. The variations have living as a common programme. The exceptions to the programme are the day-care and the church association.