Personal background
Henri Snel was confronted with Alzheimer’s disease almost two decade ago when his mother was diagnosed with the illness. He has since become engaged with the illness and its consequences. This resulted in a series of research projects into the living conditions of Alzheimer’s patients from his professional Architectural viewpoint, often involving students from different educational institutions and different (scientific) specialists in cross-over collaborations.
Recent publications    
– Interview met Henri Snel over De Nieuwe Praktijk, een platform voor zorgverleners en zorgprofessionals over nieuwe initiatieven van het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport, 2018   Insight series #6 (read the book on issuu): (Re)Thinking Le Corbusier, 2013
– Healing Spaces For a Better Life, interview with Henri Snel in the Hedonist magazine about Alzheimer and Architecture, 2017   Insight series #5 (read the book on issuu): The transformation of a snoezel corridor, 2013
– Henri Snel was one of the collaborators of the book ‘Active Design in Buildings by BETA-office, commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam, 2016   – Essay contribution to the book ‘Manuscript’ from the author Prof. Dipl. Ing. Axel Muller-Scholl with the topic: ‘The haptics of water’, 2013
CrossoverWorks #4 and an interview with Henri Snel, look also at: Dutch Creative Industries, 2016    Insight series #4 (read the book on issuu): Haptic installations, 2012
De Architect over Evidence Based Design met een bijdrage van Henri Snel (Dutch), 2016   Insight series #3 (read the book on issuu): Urgent matters through space, 2012
Insight series #8 (read the book on issuu): Hacking Healthcare, 2015   Insight series #2 (read the book on issuu): A haptic future, research on 24/7 care with dementia in Paramaribo, 2011
Insight series #7 (read the book on issuu): Dementia friendly neighbourhood, 2014
  Insight series #1 (read the book on issuu): A short look into your future, who is afraid of Alzheimer’s, 2011
– Essay bijdrage van Henri Snel aan de Hedy d’Ancona Award, 2014   A research on soliDNA, on fixed space, non-moving space that is flexible in itself, 2009
– Essay contribution from Henri Snel on the Hedy d’Ancona Award, 2014 (English)    
Significant secondary activities alongside the research into Alzheimer’s and architecture    
– September 2018-present, senior Lecturer at the master program interior-architecture at ArtEZ, Zwolle
  January 2015-present, Socratic dialogue coach. The Socratic method focuses on the value of dialogue (a shared understanding is constructed by collaborative dialogue) 
– January 2018-present, member of the Amsterdam Research Institute of the Arts and Sciences (ARIAS)    – September 2003-September 2016, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Head of Inter-Architecture and senior lecturer research and Architecture
– September 2015-June 2018, PhD candidate VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences and Department of Psychiatry and VU University Medical Center with the topic Alzheimer and Architecture   – September 2014-December 2016, Henri Snel and Caro van Dijk are responsible together with Cordaan and the Creative Industries Fund for the research on ‘The Art and Science of Dementia Care’ in collaboration with six interdisciplinary teams consisting of scientists, health care professionals, manufacturers and designers 
– November 2017-present, member of the Board of the Landelijk Platform Odensehuizen (LPO)   – September 2014-present, member of the Board of the Odensehuis, Amsterdam 
– September 2016-present, Graduation tutor at the Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam   – September 2013-December 2016, member advisory Art committee AIDSmonument
– August 2015-present, member ‘denktank’ De Bildung Academie   – June 2013-present, advisor various health authorities in relation to dementia
– September 2016-present, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Senior Lecturer Architectural Design    – September 2013-September 2017, chairman advisory committee Architecture at the Creative Industries Fund
– 2012-2013, Socratic Dialogue training, a philosophical method in which participants work intensively together in brainstorming sessions   – 1992-1998, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam. Architecture: Master of Architecture (MArch)
– 2001-2002, University of Amsterdam. Didactic grade for Universities of Applied Sciences   – 1986-1991, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Interior Architecture: Bachelor of Design (BDes)