Lecture by Henri Snel at the TU Delft on evidence based design in relation to dementia care architecture

Haptic pillow fighting performance by Japanese dance and choreographer Maya Ichikawa

New brochure of the Odensehuis is online (Dutch)

Dementia friendly newspaper, second edition

De-Mens-Zie festival pictures

Dementia friendly pictures by photographer Jeroen Snel (Dutch)

Coming soon: lecture by Henri Snel at the symposium ‘Welkom in de Zorg’. The topic is about dementia and movement

Cruyff foundation seminar

Coming soon: ‘De-Mens-Zie’ festival, April 12 from 13:00 to 17:00

Coming soon: lecture by Henri Snel at the symposium ‘Welkom in de Zorg’. The topic is about biodynamic light and dementia care

Henri Snel was lecturing at the Alzheimer-Cafe PuurZuid on the 19th of March

Henri Snel was visiting critic for the ‘Grit project’ at the University of Amsterdam

Feel my Love – a film by Griet Teck, 2014 about dementia

First dementia friendly newspaper will be distributed within the neighborhood of Amsterdam-South

Misha Mengelberg icon of European jazz at the IDFA

Henri Snel was lecturing on the national congress ‘Modern Dementia Care’ about Haptics and Architecture

Visiting the Stedelijk Museum with clients from the Odensehuis on: Vergeten Stedelijk Experience

Henri Snel was lecturing at the national congress about ‘Dementia and Moving in the Long-Term Care’

A research on ‘haptic way-finding for people with dementia’

Visiting tour to the Dr. Sarpatihuis with former director Ed Cools

A ‘street tile’ as symbol of a dementia-friendly neighborhood

Excursion Domus Magnus, a private residential care organization

Ard Schenk, Erik Scherder and Dick Swaab were talking about a ‘fit brain’

A dialogue about the future of ‘snoezelen’ with Ad Verheul